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Hotpot Spot and Corvid-19

I’ve asked my marketer not to edit this message and post verbatim. As clunky or as badly written, I want to say this not as a business mouthpiece, but as myself, Trystan Cook.

Because of the corona virus (covid-19), Hotpot Spot will be closed and maybe with luck we can be reopened when normal life has resumed. However I’ve already accepted that the restaurant might not recover from this. Sad as it may be, the property itself is just a collection of material things that can be rebuilt again over a period of time. It’ll be frustrating of course, but I’ll be glad to have the opportunity of time to rebuild. To be blunt, there will be people who won’t have that luxury of time, this is currently an abnormal and scary occasion. My main focus and concern is for as many people to make it through and be healthy. My staff and myself are currently self isolating. This is to reduce risks to ourselves and play our part to stunt the growth of covid-19.

One of our aims of our business is to enhance the social experience. There are many times to be social and congregate, this pandemic is one of the few reasons you shouldn’t. In my humble opinion, right now there shouldn’t be any gatherings or places open that encourage public attendance. We are extremely blessed with the magic of technology, we can socially interact without being in personal contact. I highly recommend using whatever digital means to both stay safe from the pandemic and also keep yourself in contact with friends and family. Don’t forget, mental health is as important as physical health.

As you’ll most likely be indoors for a while, I would also recommend watching China Uncensored on Youtube. (See below)

They have interesting information and news about the current pandemic which most other news don’t cover. Plus it is also an entertaining show to watch to pass the time.

There is much uncertainty, but I know we’ll take care of each other, and that’s what reassures me the most. Please stay safe and healthy.

All the best

Trystan Cook (Owner of Hotpot Spot)

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